Sandra Bullock AdoptionWe media scoundrels think we're know-it-alls. But Sandra Bullock proved us wrong this week when the actress we have all been paying so much attention to for the past month appeared on the cover of PEOPLE magazine with her new baby boy Louis Bardo Bullock -- who she adopted in January. Yeah, do the math. That's three months ago!

With all the scrutiny surrounding Sandy's marriage, how did we possibly miss such a monumental event in the actress' life. We who can spot a baby bump from a mile away? Well, this just proves that no matter how well we think we know our celebrities, our insight into their lives is often strictly limited by what they want us to know.

"Obviously Sandra Bullock has a very tight circle around her of family and friends," explains Hollywood Life senior reporter Corynne Steindler. "Everyone assumed she was hiding out because of the humiliation Jesse James brought upon her, so I don't think anyone imagined there was another reason for her secrecy! A new baby is such a happy thing, and now we all know that she wasn't being ashamed or hiding out in embarrassment -- she was a mother protecting her newborn."