Paris Hilton was out on the town last night at the Chagoury Couture fashion show, and she didn't seem to have a care in the world, despite her recent break-up with Doug Reinhardt.

Wasn't it just February that she was gushing about finding her true love? How does Cinderella manage to hit the ball scene so soon after dropping her Prince Charming?

So PopEater asked Paris Hilton how she manages. Take note, warriors of love -- here's Paris's break-up plan.

1) Keep your friends and family near: Paris was joined at the fashion show, hosted by her good friend and designer Gilbert Chagoury, by her parents and her sister, Nicky. Even if she was the last to arrive -- in the middle of the show, no less -- she was among her peeps. "It's all about surrounding yourself with your family and your friends and people that you love," she says.