David LettermanBeing Dave seems kinda easy. Loads of money. All that fame. Being pals with Oprah. But everyone once in a while, he puts himself in the hot seat. Literally. David Letterman had the interview tables turned when he showed up today on 'Live! With Regis and Kelly' and confessed to the marital difficulties he's been dealing with since being subject to the infamous $2 million extortion plot heard 'round the world.

"Because you think an explosion has taken place and you're looking at the shards and you say, 'Well, can we put this back together?'" Letterman confessed. He spoke candidly about the strains his infidelity put on his relationship with wife Regina Lasko. "And by God, maybe you can put it back together. And maybe it won't be the same, but maybe it will be different, and maybe it can even be better in a different way." Watch after the jump.