Jason AlexanderYou all remember 'Seinfeld' as the show about nothing. The series, starring Jerry Seinfeld as a thinly-veiled version of himself, centered on a group of often neurotic friends living in New York City.

But, one YouTube genius recut scenes from the long-running comedy and turned it into a movie called 'George,' which follows a man named George Costanza -- played of course by Jason Alexander -- struggling to deal with his fiancee Susan's death and finding redemption through the eyes of a child.

Now, for fans of 'Seinfeld,' you know that Susan's death by envelope licking was played for laughs. And George's experience with the Big Brother program wasn't exactly heartwarming -- which makes this trailer all the more awesome.

The video's creator, known on YouTube as lorocker -- real name D'Arcy -- talked to PopEater about the work. "As a huge 'Seinfeld' fan with all the seasons on DVD, a little bit of familiarity with Adobe Premiere and some time off school, I thought I could spend a bit of time entertaining my friends -- and to my surprise, the YouTube community -- creating something that makes people laugh and pays tribute to an amazing show that unfortunately has been off the air for 12 years." Watch It