Pop-Ed: Chances are, if you pick up a tabloid or go to a gossip site on any given day, you'll likely plant your eyes on some sort of item about Jennifer Aniston. Whether it's about her singledom or past romances, publications will do pretty much anything to get Jen in their magazine. Take, for example, Jen's involvement in the cover story in the March issue of Architectual Digest. It's simply a feature where the much-loved actress shows off her home, right? Nope. Apparently, according to Us Magazine, it was a "pathetic" attempt to get back at Brad Pitt. Really? If that's Jen's idea of revenge, she's quite terrible at plotting.

What we're getting at here is that no matter what Jen does, she somehow finds herself with tertiary headlines claiming it was somehow related to her love life or a ploy to amp up publicity for a movie.