Louis Armstrong's 'What a Wonderful World' played when Sandra Bullock first met her adopted son, and bam, the little boy was dubbed Louis Bardo Bullock. We turned to our delightful readers, the Pop Chorus, to hear their own tales of pop culturey baby-naming.

We heard from a couple who named their son during a Rush concert, a woman who melded an Ozzy Osborne song with a Joan Jett rock anthem for her daughter's name, a mother of five walking tributes to TV and movies and more!

Benjamin Williams says:
My wife and I had a very hard time trying to decide what name we would give our first child. Driving home from the hospital, we turned on the radio and heard a live version of 'Lorelei' by Styx. My wife and I had never heard the song or the name being used in our lives. There was something so adorable and fitting about the name -- we looked down at our little bundle of joy and knew, from that moment on, Lorelei was her name.