Iron Man 2Pop-Ed: It's no secret that marketing is a big part of the film and television industries, and the powers that be are always finding new and interesting ways to market their projects.

Contrary to some folks, I really don't mind the rampant product placement found in movies and TV shows these days -- hey, if the employees at the Buy More on 'Chuck' want to eat Subway sandwiches, more power to them. And yes, I do crave a frosty Coke after watching the 'American Idol' judges drink ... whatever it is they're drinking out of those massive Coke cups. So I guess the product placement is working.

But along comes a movie like 'Iron Man 2,' in theaters this Friday. Paramount and Marvel Entertainment are spending some $100M on marketing, and you wonder if they've gone too far. When does marketing cross the line into complete and utter overkill insanity?