Lady Gaga at MoMALady Gaga made a surprise visit to New York's Museum of Modern Art this afternoon to check out the work of famed performance artist Marina Abramović. The exhibition, titled 'The Artist Is Present,' is a tribute to Abramović's 40-year career, highlighting the artist's video works, installations and photographs, as well as solo and collaborative performances. Abramović's most popular piece, involves the artist sitting with one person at a time for an intense experience that often leaves museum goers in tears.

Gaga did not participate, but all it took was one tweet for word of her presence to spread like wildfire this afternoon, with user "juliaxgulia" tweeting that Gaga had entered the exhibit and that the popstar's shoes were "unreal." Naturally. Thankfully eagle-eyed photographer, Joseph Holmes, was on hand to snap pics. Check out even more celebs we've spied in the hot seat.