Annette BeningTwo-time Academy Award nominee Annette Bening has been a major player in Hollywood for almost 25 years, but her greatest role is playing mom to her four children with husband Warren Beatty. In a quick chat with PopEater, the star of 'American Beauty' and the just released 'Mother and Child,' radiant at 51, talks Mother's Day, munchies and how she juggles motherhood and her career.

Mothers Day is coming up. Do you celebrate?
Yes, I've loved Mothers Day since my kids were little. Usually something special happens. I get taken out.

Do you get breakfast in bed?
Yes! That has happened many times. I forgot about it until you just said it, which is delightful.

How about the homemade tchotchkes?
They are the best! I have many of them, as you can imagine. I still get them, and they're the most treasured possessions.