Betty White on SNLIt's time to coin the term the "Betty White Effect." Sure, it might not be up there just yet with the kind of one-two punch that Oprah can lend to a product or program, but it seems that nothing is hotter than Betty White right now, and that means a lot of people want to capitalize by using this golden girl as their golden ticket.

A source close to Betty tells me her phone has been ringing off the hook for months -- as it should be -- with endorsement and sponsorship offers. Now is Betty's moment. First, her delightful turn in Snickers' Superbowl commercial made it the most well-liked spot during the football game, then more than half a million supporters lobbied to get her on 'Saturday Night Live,' which itself experienced a much needed ratings boost by having White host the show.

CelebenomicsOn Saturday night, 'SNL' had its best ratings since 2008, with an estimated 11 million people tuning in to see Betty talk about her muffin. But more than the ratings boost was the shear hilarity of the show; for the first time in a long time, 'SNL' was at the center of the national conversation this Monday morning. 'Saturday Night Live' was good with Betty White. Really good! And that kind of chatter is something you just can't buy.