Our 10 Favorite Alec Baldwin 'Saturday Night Live' BitsTomorrow night, Alec Baldwin becomes the second person to host 'Saturday Night Live' 15 times, tying his recent Oscar host pal Steve Martin. With a knack for raunchy skits ('Schweddy Balls' or 'Wii Guys,' anyone?), Baldwin has carved an 'SNL' niche so memorable, he nabbed his own 'Best Of' DVD, a rare privilege for non-cast members.

In Playboy's profile of the 52-year-old star, the magazine opined that although Baldwin often appears on 'SNL' to promote movies, his turns on the show have become more canonized in his career than his Hollywood films. Whether it's '30 Rock' or 'SNL,' PopEater couldn't agree more -- we love us some Alec Baldwin on TV. After the jump, our 10 favorite Baldwin bits from 'SNL.' But first, check out the promos for his next stint, the 35th season finale, below: