In perhaps one of the boldest (and coolest) musical ventures in late-night TV history, 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' went old-school last week -- during what they dubbed 'Rolling Stones Week.' With the reissue of the Stones' classic album 'Exile on Main Street,' the crafty and inventive Fallon pitched a grand plan to Mick Jagger: Have some of today's biggest musicians play their favorite 'Exile' tune each day on his show, and then 'Late Night' will give up its Friday show to the Stones' documentary about the album. PopEater was able to catch up with our pal Jimmy to discuss the Stones, Keith Richards' drinking habits ("I couldn't hang with Keith," Jimmy admits to us), the impending 'Lost' finale and more. Watch the exclusive interview below!

Jimmy Fallon chats with PopEater