Roscoe Dash

Who: Roscoe Dash
Album: 'Ready Set Go'
Video: 'Show Out'
Hails From: Atlanta, Ga.
For Fans Of: Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris

Why He's About to Pop:
Atlanta's Roscoe Dash started rapping at the age of 12, joined a four-piece rap group called the Blackout Boys in high school and released his first solo mixtape, 'My Turn,' in 2007. In 2009, he played a song that he'd written, 'All the Way Turnt Up,' for Travis Porter, and the track ended up on T.P.'s next release -- but Dash was only credited as a "featuring" artist. Controversy aside, Dash's mixture of hip-hop and pop soon landed him a record deal, so he rerecorded the tune with Soulja Boy and put it out as his own catchy single. "The rest is history!" the rapper tells PopEater.

Since then, Dash has released another single, 'Show Out,' and landed the title track in the movie soundtrack for 'Step Up 3D' with the song 'My Own Step,' featuring T-Pain. His debut LP, 'Ready Set Go,' will be released on July 20. "My album is a breath of fresh air for people -- not only in Atlanta, but for the entire world," Dash says. "My album will have you motivated to work out one second and ready to make love the next minute [laughs]. Pure energy all around."

Watch the 'Show Out' video and read the rest of PopEater's interview with Dash after the jump.