Bret Michaels and Oprah WinfreyToday on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show,' Bret Michaels opened up about his recent health struggles for the first time.

On April 21, the rocker was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage. "I've never been shot, thank God, but I can tell you this: It sounded like a small handgun went off in the back of my head. They call it a thunderclap, and I've never instantaneously had a headache like that in my entire life. The word's not even a headache. It's like a migraine times 10," he told Oprah.

"I did not want to be collapsed on the floor in the morning when my daughters and family got up and see me lying there, either unconscious or worse," he explained

But when his girlfriend took him to the hospital, he didn't want to go in. "All I could do was just hold my head. Kristi went in. I said, 'Don't get anybody. Just let me sit here.' And that's the worst thing you can do. That's how a lot of people that have this happen pass away. They try to sleep through it, or they're in so much pain they don't want to do anything."