Naomi CampbellSupermodel Naomi Campbell may be subpoenaed to testify before the International Criminal Court at The Hague in the ongoing trial of Charles Taylor regarding alleged blood diamonds given to her by the former Liberian leader while the two attended a dinner at the home of then-South African president Nelson Mandela in September of 1997, according the BBC News. Taylor is on trial for war crimes committed during the brutal, decade-long civil war in Sierra Leone.

Campbell has long evaded questioning in the case, having already declined to voluntarily testify. However, war crimes investigators were alerted Thursday to a photograph of Campbell and Taylor together at the dinner party, when the photo -- which was taken by actress Mia Farrow -- was featured during an ABC News segment on the controversy. Prosecutors feel the photo, combined with testimony by Farrow and Campbell's then-agent linking her to the blood diamonds, is more than enough to compel the model to testify.