Travis GarlandTypically, unknown singers looking for their big break are part of the competition on 'American Idol,' but not Wednesday, when a guy named Travis Garland was given three minutes of airtime to perform his track, 'Believe.'

Garland's big booster is blogger Perez Hilton, who made a couple of suspect claims in the intro to the 'Idol' performance: First, he told viewers he "discovered" Garland, who was actually in NLT, a boy band that also included 'Glee' star Kevin McHale. Second, Hilton boasted Garland is "better than Justin Timberlake." We'll just let you chew on that gristle.

Beyond his knowing Kevin McHale, Perez Hilton and, now, Ryan Seacrest, little else is known about the Texas native (having no Wikipedia page will do that to a guy).