Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza on 'Parks and Recreation'When you see the same plot twist on more than one TV show in a season, you might call it a coincidence. Three times, it might be a trend. Four times? A cliché. But what do you call it when the same plot device turns up multiple times on several shows on the same night, on the same network? A company directive? A conspiracy? An epidemic of lazy writing?

Whatever you call it, it happened Thursday night on NBC, where season finales on three different shows ('Community,' 'Parks and Recreation,' and '30 Rock') not only had plots in which a character was forced to choose between two romantic rivals -- call it the Betty-or-Veronica dilemma -- but each show also had multiple characters forced to make such a choice. You could pore through a stack of 'Archie' comic books as high as your chin and not find as much Betty-or-Veronica dithering as you would have seen within two hours on NBC.