Kendra WilkinsonNow that Kendra Wilkinson stands to gain 50% of the profits from sales of an old sex tape being released by Vivid Entertainment, folks are buzzing that she could make millions of dollars off of the illicit tape. And by the looks of the early pre-sale numbers, Kendra might be rolling in dough soon enough.

TMZ reports that Kendra's sex tape has the highest pre-sale numbers of any celebrity tape Vivid Video -- the company that distributed sex tapes from Kim Kardashian and others -- has ever had.

Apparently, the fact that most of America has seen Kendra naked already isn't much of an issue when it comes to the sex tape. That's half the draw for the novelty celebrity sex tape consumer -- the surprise. There's no surprise here. The woman was in Playboy. But when it comes to porn, there is an added value in seeing a live action sex tape of someone who has become a household name.

Celebenomics"There's a big difference between seeing someone naked and seeing someone having sex. When a popular nude model decides to do hardcore, it's always a huge story; similarly, the leaked sex tape of UK topless model Keeley Hazell was a pretty big deal," explains editor-in-chief Lux Alptraum. "So yeah, people will care. Judging by the traffic we're getting on the story, they already do care."

Kendra has a ready-made audience for the tape. Men may not be keen to watch her reality show on E!, but you can bet their wives have made them watch it. And the tape is expected to be quite juicy.