Bret MichaelsPop-ed: Every once in a while, celebrities actually redeem themselves in our eyes. Yes, it's true. Stars can come back and do something that makes us see them in a better light. I'm talking about celebs who've redeemed themselves in my eyes because of how they've behaved on reality shows. Yes, I know that reality shows are scripted and edited and all that, but you have to think that the true nature of a person must leak through a little bit, right? That's the premise I'm going on anyway.

First up: Bret Michaels. After seeing him on 'Rock of Love,' I didn't think the Poison frontman could get any lower. Really? You think so highly of yourself that you'll have women compete to be your companion? What's worse, there were plenty of women ready to bare flesh and everything else to get their 15 minutes of smarmy fame. But then Michaels came back and impressed the heck out of me with his turn on 'The Celebrity Apprentice.' He's smart, he's a hard worker, he's polite, he's a gentleman, and when his health woes hit, I worried for him. Not out of some ambulance-chasing need to gawk at his misfortune, but because I liked him and didn't want his kids to grow up without a dad. Maybe Michaels realized that 'Rock of Love' was a big blight on a reputation already scarred from being a rock star in the 1980s, so he decided to do something positive to change our view of him. If that's the case, it worked for me. Well played, sir.

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