Like so many pop culture fads, the cougar trend burned bright and fast. A few years back, everyone was very happy to learn that -- gasp! -- women over the age of 40 could still be sexy. Suddenly, there was a preponderance of evidence -- from Michelle Pfeiffer to Demi Moore, Courtney Cox to Halle Berry -- and it was so shocking and exciting and new that everybody wanted a piece of the trend. But now, it appears to waning.

The craze may well have breathed its last breath this week when 53-year-old Kim Cattrall revealed she was denied a magazine cover when she refused to pose with a real-life cougar. Speaking to EXTRA, the 'Sex and the City 2' star said, "I really take umbrage to the code 'cougar.' I think cougar has a negative connotation, and I don't see anything negative about Samantha and her sexuality, sensuality and choice. I don't think she stands or sits in bars waiting for young men to prey on."

Cattrall declined to name the magazine.