Jesse James Auctions off Items on Ebay?According to, Jesse James is auctioning off a lot of his personal items -- on Ebay! He's selling his vintage bicycles and one is currently up to $800. The two rare pre-war bicycles include a 1937 Elgin Skylark Bluebird and 1941 Colson Firestone Super Cruiser.

Among the other items up for auction are motorcycle parts, a West Coast Choppers bathroom sign, a La France gas mask, and even two mini coffins. While there is no confirmation that this is indeed James, the Ebay buyers seem to think it is. Under the username, pope-of-welding, the seller hails from Long Beach, California. The Web site quotes one of James' buyers as leaving a positive feedback, stating, "And the Oscar for best eBaying goes toooo...thanks."