By now, we've all heard the sad news: 'Law & Order' has officially come to an end after an epic 20-year run on NBC. The show's finale airs Monday night. But while fans are understandably upset at the loss of their favorite show, that disappointment is balanced by the fact that, thanks to spin-offs like the new 'Law & Order: Los Angeles,' the franchise will still be chugging along even after the original is little more than an endless source of cable reruns.

Indeed, 'Law & Order' has become pervasive over the years. It's almost impossible to avoid the show -- even if you don't watch it. Besides the four domestic spin-offs, the series has spawned numerous imitators and adaptations overseas as well as online and even in your local bookstore, where you'll find novels like 'Law & Order: Dead Line.' With that in mind, we thought this would be a good time to take a fond look back at some of the more unusual spin-offs, spoofs and tie-ins that 'Law & Order' has inspired over the past two decades.