Lost finale Pop-ed: The call came at 3PM on a Tuesday in March. "Would you like to be an extra on the finale?" the casting director asked. I think we all know how I answered. After months of waiting for the 'Lost' casting director to call -- I'd met her several months earlier at the Honolulu premiere of the final season -- she'd saved the best for last, asking two friends and me to be extras on the finale show. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" I was going to be on the finale!

As a huge 'Lost' fan, I was pretty excited when I moved to Oahu, Hawaii, last year. Stalking the cast (in a polite way) and checking out filming locations became my hobby de jour. I happened to live in the same neighborhood as most of the cast, and seeing Kate (Evangeline Lilly) while getting coffee or waving to Richard (Nestor Carbonell) while eating Indian became a weekly thing. But being an extra in the finale? I couldn't believe it was happening.