Exclusive: When Colbie Caillat stripped down for Allure's May issue, she not only looked flawless but also showed everyone how to be comfortable in their own skin. Little did anyone know, the photo shoot was pretty difficult for the singer-songwriter.

"That was definitely hard for me because being a woman, you know everyone has their own insecurities," Caillat tells PopEater during the VH1 Save the Music Summer Kick-off event at the W Hoboken. "But whatever you are, whatever you have, just own it. It's not that simple for me. Every day I have to still be like, 'OK, just be confident. Don't worry about that issue that's in your head.'"

Caillat also says people should find the beauty in themselves. However, if there's something you'd like to improve, it should be done the right way. "Just try to love who you are," Caillat says. "And if you don't like it, then fix it in a healthy way."

Aside from celebrating her body, Caillat will be ringing in her 25th birthday on May 28. And unlike others who want to throw a wild party, the 'Breakthrough' artist will be taking the low-key route.

"I actually leave [on May 24] for Lake Tahoe for my grandpa's 90th birthday and my 25th," she says. "We joined them because my grandpa has a house on the lake and all my friends and family are going to be up there. We're just going to rent a boat, and if the weather's warm, then we'll go out and swim in the lake and just be with them."