Rihanna Dons Blackface, Channels Slash in 'Rockstar 101'
Whether or not Rihanna's latest album serves up a single on par with 'Umbrella' or 'SOS,' she's showing no signs of slowing her ascent into the Controversial Sex Appeal Hall of Fame. The latest sultry exhibit? Her video for 'Rockstar 101,' where Rihanna appears in dark body paint (wearing nothing but chains), possibly impersonates Anna Wintour and pays homage to Slash by dressing up as the Guns 'n' Roses guitarist, who lent his chops to the track. 'Rockstar 101' is downright Gaga-esque in its gaudy costume changes and sexualization. Oh, and Travis Barker rocks the drum kit.

See the video and hear Slash's thoughts on Rihanna's impression after the jump!