James FrancoJames Franco is letting it all hang out.

Reports that his NYU student film includes plenty of naked men, including a nude basketball scene, have recently been raising eyebrows (more on that below).

He's also been spending time with drag queens (like Linda Simpson and the artist Kalup Linzy), and plans a return to 'General Hospital,' where he will reprise his role as, er, a performance artist called Franco. (After his first run in the iconic soap, he explained in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that his appearance in the show was itself performance art.)

And he's been hanging out on my stoop -- since the East Village townhouse where I live appears as his character's home in the upcoming Julia Roberts adaptation of 'Eat, Pray, Love.' (Last summer, I literally walked between them up the front steps coming home from an unplanned five-day hospital stay -- which is exactly how you want to look meeting two movie stars, right?)

Mr. Franco does rather seem to have been teasing us lately, as performance artists are wont to do.