Jillian MichaelsJillian Michaels, the feisty trainer on 'The Biggest Loser,' has a new show, 'Losing It With Jillian,' premiering June 1 at 10PM on NBC, where she travels across America to work and live with several families to change their lives for the better.

Michaels wants you to know that it's nothing like the show that made her famous. "There's really no common thread, other than me. 'The Biggest Loser' is a game show. And that's great. But this is not. This is a very intimate, personal situation. I'm moving into people's homes. I'm going to work with them. I'm living in their daily lives, experiencing their unhealthy habits," she tells PopEater in an interview.

Jillian tells us more about her series, what she doesn't like about 'Loser' and what she listens to when she's working out herself.