Heidi and SpencerGet this for a story pitch: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt split up after a year of marriage, but don't file any legal papers. The 'Hills' starlet moves to a beach house for the summer where she films a reality show with her newly minted BFF. During the course of taping this sure-to-be classic show, Pratt returns to the fold and by the time the finale rolls around, wins back Montag's heart and they return home to Los Angeles.

While many of you may be hoping Heidi really did ditch Spencer last week, sources inside and outside the family have a different take on the situation.

"It's really just another one of Spencer's publicity stunts," a friend close to the situation tells PopEater. "They really are still together. This will all be revealed in time. They aren't going to separate. It's all a part of Heidi's new show."