Al and Tipper GoreWe're so used to hearing about all the ugliness of celebrity splits. But just like you and I, some famous folk have messy breakups and some try hard to make sure the schism is smooth sailing for both parties.

This week, Al and Tipper Gore announced that they would be separating after 40 years of marriage! 40 years! That's like 1,278 in famous person years. Some critics are even wondering, why bother to divorce after so long? Why not just stick it out?

That's a terribly fatalistic opinion. These two healthy baby boomers could live 40 more years and maybe they want to do that alone or with someone new.

News pundits were also quick to jump to conclusions about what ended the marriage, looking for something salacious or Edwardsian (same thing).

They're looking because we just aren't used to a mutual amicable split. But they do happen.