M.I.A.M.I.A., the provocative British-Sri Lankan rapper, is famous for supporting righteous warfare in her highly-political lyrics. Now, she's engaged in a pitched battle with a celebrity journalist over an unflattering profile that appeared in the New York Times Magazine.

This weekend, she hit back by posting to the Internet two secretly-made recordings of the interview that she claims proves the Times framed her.

Writer Lynn Hirschberg spent time with M.I.A. -- famous for her hit 'Paper Planes' and more recently her controversial 'Born Free' video -- in Los Angeles and London for the story. In it, she slammed the singer as politically naive and intellectually light-weight, albeit an original and creative artist.

In what has been been dubbed the "truffle kerfuffle," Hirschberg depicted her enjoying truffled French fries at the swank Beverly Wilshire Hotel, while insisting she was an "outsider" concerned about the oppressed people in her ancestral Sri Lanka.