Jimmy KimmelStarting Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel will host a special half-hour show before each game of the NBA Finals. Guests on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night' include some people you don't usually relate to basketball (Russell Brand, Drew Barrymore) and some that do (LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony). 'Game Night' has been a tradition for the past two finals, and Kimmel even entertained the basketball fan-in-chief, President Barack Obama. In a quick chit-chat with PopEater, Kimmel talks about what to expect from the show, his plans for summer and whether he thinks Conan O'Brien made the right move by linking to TBS.

So what can we expect from 'Game Night' this year?
Well, we found this busboy at Barney's beanery; it's a little bar down the street from us. This busboy is an unbelievable popper shot [bar basketball game] player. The guy is phenomenal, so he's going to play LeBron, Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant and probably destroy them. I think it will be very funny to see these guys who make 50 million dollars a year get beaten by a busboy.