Bret Michaels has had one hell of a ride since he came to the PopEater offices in March. Since then, he's suffered a brain hemorrhage that nearly killed him, had a stroke, won 'Celebrity Apprentice' and appeared on 'American Idol' -- an appearance that has led to speculation he may replace Simon Cowell at the show's judge's table. So what does he have to say about it all? PopEater was able to catch up with our old pal to talk about his recent life-threatening scares, the likelihood of him landing 'Idol' and how he's going about life cautiously these days. "I combined diabetes with appendicitis with a brain hemorrhage, then a warning stroke and the PFO ... that's a five whammy cocktail punch. If you would have told me all that combined together, I would have said, 'That person has to be a goner,'" Bret tells PopEater. After the jump, our chat with Bret, plus hear his cover of Sublime's 'What I Got.'