Antonio BanderasPop-Ed: I've always been fascinated with the concept of marriage in Hollywood. I get that it's a different world, and people marry for different reasons -- exposure, money, fame or even to prove they're not gay, which is a bit bizarre when you think about it. Sure, back in the 1930s, when Cary Grant shared a house with Randolph Scott, the notion that he might be gay would have had a major impact on his heartthrob status in the film industry. But does it really matter in these modern times? I'll leave that for another pop-ed, but let's just ruminate on it for now.

There are plenty of celebrity marriages that probably should have been over a long time ago, but continue to thrive in an industry where if a marriage lasts a year, you're bucking the odds. Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas spring to mind. She was married to Don Johnson (twice) and Steven Bauer before marrying Banderas in 1996. His previous marriage lasted nine years.

So, what makes it work?