Tom Cruise Les Grossman MTV Movie Awards
There was a moment there, when Tom Cruise showed up live on the MTV Movie Awards in character as aggressive, dynamite-loud film producer Les Grossman, when we were really, really nervous. Sure, he killed it in 'Tropic Thunder,' and he'd been rocking the taped promos for the awards show but ... live? Seriously?

Seriously. With a three-minute booty-shakin' performance, the actor himself officially ended the era of Tom Cruise bashing. Oprah's couch? Scientology? The eyepatch in 'Valkyrie'? Fuhgeddaboudit! Cruise became definitively cool again with his live appearance, complete with swaggerific undone bow-tie and J-Lo as his dance partner. Watch Tom/Les break it down with Jennifer Lopez in the clip below, and after the jump, the hilarious intro.