Dennis Hopper's Divorce-Torn Daughter Missed FuneralCaught up in the messy divorce proceedings between Dennis Hopper and Victoria Duffy, 7-year-old Galen Grier Hopper was forced to miss her father's funeral last week. The battle for the actor's multimillion-dollar estate could rage for several years if both sides persist, but the immediate victim is, without question, young Galen.

"That's the thing that's just tragic," a friend of the couple tells The Daily Beast. "A 7-year-old girl has just lost her father, and she can't even go to his funeral."

Each side tells a different story, with Victoria's friends saying Galen was "disinvited," and Hopper's friends insisting Victoria used Galen "as a pawn." Read on for the full letter from Hopper's attorney to Duffy's camp.