It's hard to imagine Emily Blunt having a hard time talking-or yelling for that matter. After watching her insult and verbally abuse Anne Hathaway's character in 'The Devil Wears Prada,' it's hard to imagine her struggling at all. But the actress reveals to The Daily Beast that beginning at age 10 she suffered from a debilitating stutter.

"I remember that when it first started to kick in, I thought it was a habit," she tells The Daily Beast, "but when it really starts to ingrain itself upon you, it becomes an anguished situation to live your life in, especially when you're a kid, when you're only trying to appear very cool. I was definitely not cool."

And when Blunt was 12, her stuttering got even worse and she just stopped talking. She remembers thinking, "Why am I like this? Why have I got this stupid voice problem? Everyone else can talk, what's my problem?"