Ken JeongKen Jeong began his acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards exactly how you'd imagine, given that he'd just won the Best WTF Moment award for his full-frontal appearance in 'The Hangover': "Me and my penis would like to thank MTV and the voters."

But then something beautiful happened, and viewers got to see some raw, tender emotion at an awards show known less for its awards than for the sometimes-shocking events that tend to transpire on stage. After thanking fans, Jeong quickly turned the focus to his wife, Tran, and his body quaked and tears welled as he honored her winning battle against breast cancer.

"I want to take the opportunity to thank my wife, Tran, Todd [Phillips, 'Hangover' director] and Bradley Cooper," he said, adding that his friends "helped me through a really difficult time when my wife, Tran, was going through breast cancer treatment."