The four members at our humble (and unintended) MTV Movie Awards viewing party were raising our glasses and remarking on Sandra Bullock's general coolness when through our cheers, we saw it. Inexplicably, in the midst of Bullock's Generation Award acceptance-slash-"I'm really okay, I promise" speech, co-presenter Scarlett Johansson began sauntering over to Sandy. The fidgeting and awkward glances made it all too clear, but we didn't want to believe it. Was the always-sexy ScarJo -- whose presence was as-yet unexplained -- really moving in for a kiss?

The groans came in unison: "Noooooo!"

After altering her "Poor Sandra" narrative with a jawdropping People cover, in which she nuzzled her adorable adoptive son Louis and confirmed her divorce from now-globally hated husband Jesse James, did Bullock really need an MTV-manufactured girl-on-girl smooch to prove she's 'back to normal?'

We think not. Our reasoning after the jump.