With all of the television we have to consume here at PopEater, things can get a bit tedious and repetitive at times. However, every once in a while, a specific performance or episode of a show can turn our world upside-down and make us remember just how powerful the medium can be -- and also remind us of just how much we love it. Such is the case with the June 4 episode of 'Friday Night Lights' (titled 'The Son') and what Zach Gilford accomplished with his acting. Dealing with the death of his father, who was killed in Iraq, Gilford (as Matt Saracen) ran the gamut of emotions in a way that few actors as young as he is (or older, even) ever could. Brutal sadness, confusion, tension-cutting laughter: They were all there, and all executed in perfect real-life harmony. It was so moving, we here at PopEater are starting the official Facebook campaign for Gilford to get an Emmy nomination this year. The nominations are handed out on July 8, so over the next month, let's let our voices be heard and get Zach's performance the praise it deserves. Join our movement below, and watch the full episode of 'The Son' so you can see for yourself.