Eric HutchinsonWhile experts are dealing with the aftermath of the BP oil spill on the beaches of the Gulf Coast, Eric Hutchinson and volunteers will be doing their best to clean up various other shores around the country this summer.

The singer-songwriter is set to help communities remove litter and restore local beaches in New York, Austin, Portland and Miami as part of the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project. Since 2007, the project has hosted events to help keep coastlines clean.

"Rescuing a beach can be as simple as picking up trash and debris on the beach or planting to preserve sand dunes," Hutchinson tells PopEater. "While these beach rescue events make an immediate impact on our coastal landscape, it's the act of people coming together to better a beach that is so powerful."

Hutchinson will also be throwing a bit of live music in the mix. At each stop on the route, he will perform songs from his first album, 'Sounds Like This,' and debut new tunes for the volunteers in celebration of the day's hard work.