The setting for Boys Like Girls' new video for the hi-energy pop rocker 'Heart Heart Heartbreak' might seem simple enough. The clip pairs the Boston-based band with a bevy of glamorous girls at a fictitious beauty pageant. However, there's a huge dose of good-humored irony as the quartet pokes a little fun with both the ideals of beauty and their own roots. Check the sashes that the girls are wearing: those are all real Massachusetts towns and four nod to where the band members -- singer Martin Johnson, guitarist Paul DiGiovanni, bassist Bryan Donahue, and drummer John Keefe -- grew up, far from the big lights of Boston and even further away from the glamorous life of rock and roll.

"We tried to get in all our hometowns. John got Mansfield in there, Ryan got Wrentham, Paul got Leominster, I got Andover," Johnson tells PopEater. Boys Like Girls are finishing up the Bamboozle Roadshow tour and promoting their second album 'Love Drunk,' which was released last fall. "I'm not judging anybody, but this is a funny stab at some of the towns that we are from. We thought it would be fun for our family and friends."