When 'MMMBop' hit the airwaves in April 1997, everyone got their first introduction to a young trio of brothers with long blond hair and high-pitched voices called Hanson. While many pop acts disappear as quickly as they rise, these bright-eyed boys from Tulsa, Okla., have continued to produce a number of albums, start their own record label and even travel to Africa to help the fight against AIDS and poverty.

Being in the industry for over a decade, Hanson decided to celebrate their longevity with a series of shows called "Five of Five" at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City. Each night was dedicated to one of their five major albums, including their latest, 'Shout It Out,' on the fifth night. As the band prepared for their last evening of "Five of Five," Hanson invited PopEater to come along for the ride.