January Jones Car Accident'Mad Men' star January Jones allegedly hit three parked cars last night with her Range Rover and fled the scene of the accident, the LAPD tells TMZ.

"I can't deal with this commotion," Jones reportedly told a witness before walking away on foot.

TMZ adds she returned to the scene eventually -- "Police tell us that while officers were on scene investigating, January returned and claimed she fled because paparazzi were trailing her."

But a witness, who owns one of the cars in the accident, tells TMZ what she saw. About 10 minutes after Jones collided with the stationary vehicles, Food Network chef Bobby Flay showed up to the scene and convinced the actress to leave.

This witness claims she was face-to-face with January and smelled alcohol. The 'Mad Men' star then left her license with another resident and left, returning 45 minutes later in a new outfit with gum in her mouth.