Jason Bateman Orbit GumThe 'Arrested Development' movie may not be moving along as quickly as planned, but for fans needing a Bluth fix, the next best thing might just be the new content being created by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Ben Silverman for DumbDumb, a sponsor-driven comedy enterprise. Bateman and Arnett will be creating, producing and starring in what are essentially hilarious commercials.

They debuted the enterprise at the IAC building in Chelsea Thursday night with a grand group of funny people. At one point, we tried to squeeze onto a couch with Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifinakis and Arnett. Our head nearly exploded in an effort to be funny (we weren't).

Even Renee Zellweger made it out for the fete. She may not have been wearing a ring, but she and Bradley Cooper were awfully snuggly and giggly. (Renee had no problem making Bradley laugh. Sigh!)

In their first bit for DumbDumb, Bateman and Arnett spoof/entirely play along with the absurdity of gum commercials. But the best part has to be when Will admits he is sporting a fake mustache.