Megan FoxAt 24-years-old, 'Jonah Hex' star Megan Fox is already a veteran of the Hollywood spotlight, which has its highs and lows.

She has even developed her own coping mechanism to deal with the blinding light -- she stays out of it when she has downtime.

"Oddly you wouldn't think it, but I'm very domestic," Fox said at a press conference for 'Hex.'

"That keeps me sane."

Fox stays away from the Paris Hilton party crowd, keeping the same friends and supporters she had before she was famous. "I sort of distance myself from the Hollywood crowd," she said. "I don't go out and socialize that way."

The starlet admits that the Hollywood machine can be tough to deal with. Most recently, she had a much-publicized scrape with 'Transformers' director Michael Bay before the two parted ways professionally.