What you need to know about Katy Perry's new video: There is no girl-on-girl action this time around, and Katy is clearly a huge fan of sweets. Yes, the video for Perry's 'California Gurls' (currently the number one song in the country) is a sugary wonderland full of militant gummy bears, numerous wardrobe changes of edible clothing and Snoop Dogg, who likely showed up because someone assured him there'd be dancing candy. What all this has to do with the "golden coast," as Perry calls it, is beyond us, but it sure is fun to look at (kind of like the Lisa Frank back-to-school section of your local Walmart, only sexier). And if you're still on the fence over whether to press play or not, the video climaxes with Perry shooting whipped cream out of her chest. Yep. Watch after the jump >>