Fan or not, there's no denying that Pauly Shore is a pop culture icon. What would the '90s have been without the curly-haired comedian decked out in headscarves and cut-off jeans? A lot less chill, buddy. That's for sure.

Shore got his start on MTV, introducing the world to the "Weasel," his colorful, drawling alter-ego. You probably recognize the Weasel from 'Encino Man' or 'Son in Law,' where he graced the screen with his signature look and lingo (y'know ... "grindage" = food, "melon" = head, "weezin' the juice" = stealing from the Icee machine).

But Shore's career didn't disappear in the new millennium. In his new film, 'Adopted,' on DVD today, Pauly travels to Africa on a mission to adopt, a la Angelina Jolie or Madonna. Shore spoke with PopEater about whether he sees children in his future, the financial state of 'Bio-Dome' co-star Stephen Baldwin and the retirement of the Weasel.