As the sixth season of 'Deadliest Catch' continues, it was only a matter of time before the episodes dealing with the health problems that eventually led to Phil Harris' passing would be here. This past week, with those episodes looming, a different type of drama emerged when Phil caught his youngest son Jake (pictured, right) stealing his pain medication.

The conflict was a surprise to Josh Harris (pictured, left), who was kept in the dark of the confrontation, because as he tells PopEater: "They didn't tell me about that because I would have flipped out on him. I'm like the mother of the family." In his candid chat with us, Josh Harris talks about Jake's addiction troubles as well as the tragic passing of his father that he's using as a way to inform others about the dangers of smoking. "My dad was my inspiration, I'm not going to let his dream die," Josh says of his future fishing career. Watch this week's drama below, and after the jump, our full and heartfelt chat with Josh.