One week ago today, PopEater kicked off our official 'Nominate Zach Gilford for an Emmy' campaign after his epic 'Friday Night Lights' performance in 'The Son.' Countless media outlets (including EW, Parade, Sports Illustrated and others) as well as celebrities (Diablo Cody, Elizabeth Banks) echoed our sentiments, and thousands of 'FNL' fans have signed up to draw attention to Zach's masterful portrayal. Now, Variety has tapped Zach as one to watch as the Emmys approach (he'd be eligible for Outstanding Guest Actor), saying: "The emotion etched into Matt Saracen's face, conveying the repressed anger he holds for his dad, reminded us why Gilford was so brilliant on the first three seasons of the show." We couldn't agree more, and hope to only further Zach's chances of a nomination with our campaign. If you haven't yet, join our Facebook push, and to see the brilliant performance that started it all, check out Gilford in 'The Son' after the jump ... and get the tissues ready.