Gary ColemanThere will be no funeral service for Gary Coleman, The Associated Press reports.

Robert Jeffs, an independent lawyer appointed by a Utah judge to take control of Coleman's affairs while the court decides who the actor's beneficiary is, told the AP that the 'Diff'rent Strokes' star's 2005 will says that there should be no funeral.

Jeffs adds that his power hasn't been formalized yet. "The judge hasn't entered the order granting me authority as special administrator. That's just a technicality; [I] need a formalized order."

Coleman's ex-wife, Shannon Price, and ex-girlfriend, Anna Gray, are currently battling over his remains -- which are set to be cremated.

Gray is named in the 2005 will, but Price produced a handwritten will from right after their marriage in 2007, which names her as the beneficiary. According to Jeffs, the decision between the two women could take months. Until then, Coleman's ashes will be stored.